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Knowing when to stop 🛑

In this episode, we discuss about knowing when to stop in various areas of life. Knowing when to leave that business, knowing when to give up chasing that dream partner.

Get a drink and listen to this exciting episode.

PS: Sometimes you don't have to give up. You've got this.

The Art of Fumbling 🤦🏽

In this episode, Our hosts share their fumbling experiences. They discuss times when they had good partners and ended up making a mess of the situation.

They also discuss the times they had baddies and ended up letting it slip through their fingers.

Get ready for premium gist and entertainment in this episode.

Say It or Shot It 🥃

In this episode, Timi and Seyi play a drinking game.

They ask questions of each other and share life experiences and secrets. For every question the other person cannot answer, he drinks.

Do our hosts end up drunk after recording this episode? Listen to find out.

How to get away with cheating

PS: If you are not interested in cheating on your partner, this episode is not for you 🌚

In this episode, Timi and Seyi share loopholes and delicate tips that can be useful when you find yourself in a situation where you've cheated.

Are our hosts serial cheaters? listen to find out.

Dealing with rejection

In our most extended episode, we discuss how to deal with rejection with South African YouTubers Sneh and Khanya.

Listen to find out how to reduce the chances of rejection. Hold on to your horses as this episode promises to be a heated one as both guests disagree with our hosts on a lot of issues. 💥

Things to do before you're 30

In this episode, Timi and Seyi are joined by Angie as they discuss turning 30 and things that they would want to do before their 30th birthday.

Listen to find out what is on their bucket list and if the age of 30 is really as important as everyone says it is.

Intercultural Dating

Remember Tega from our 4th episode (The episode where Tega leaves)? Well, he's back! In this episode, we discuss intercultural dating and how it works.

We talk about the differences in cultures, how it affects relationships, and what to do to make intercultural relationships work.

Plug in your headphones and enjoy this masterpiece 🎧