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Entitlement Mentality

In this episode, Timi and Seyi discuss about Entitlement mentality, how to handle people who feel they are entitled to you. We also talk about what to do when asking for help so people don't feel you are entitled 🌚 For Spotify listeners, there is a poll πŸ“Š

Making it out of the trenches

In this episode, we discuss how to make it out of the trenches, ways to make money and upgrade your lifestyle. We also talk about the habits to develop when trying to get out of the trenches as well as not to return to the trenches.

Listen to the financial and business gurus as we try to take everyone out of the trenches; one person per time

The Green Light🚦

In this episode, Timi & Seyi are joined by Sophie as they discuss how to identify the green light from potential partners. Listen to find out what our hosts look out for as green light when talking to other people. They also have some special tests to identify who likes them or not.

πŸ’― % entertainment guaranteed.

Toxic Masculinity

In this episode, we discuss what masculine traits are toxic and how to deal with toxic masculinity. Listen to find out which traits our hosts have that can be classified as toxic.

⚠️ It is advised to get a healthy snack while listening to this 'cos you'd be here a while 😌

Dating Above Your League

In this episode, we talk about what it means to date above your league and why people do it. The advantages and consequences of dating above your league is discussed. We also share what to do to bag someone who is way above you. Listen to find out which one of our hosts love dating people older than him.