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Season Finale: The Q&A episode

In the final episode of this season, we discuss our experiences so far. This is also a special episode because we get to answer all questions asked by our listeners as well as pick which episodes are our favourites. Listen to find out all about our one year anniversary in the finale episode of season 1.

The episode about cheating

In this episode, we host the CEO of Kids That Code, Joke Haastrup, but the topic does not have anything to do with kids.. or coding 🙃. We discuss about cheating, why people cheat and what reactions are to cheating. Listen to find out if Timi and Seyi have cheated in their relationships. 

Casual Dating and Heartbreaks 💔 Pt. 1

In this two-part episode, we discuss about the ups and downs to casual dating. Is it preferable to being in a serious relationship and can it lead to something more serious or it's doomed to fail. Our guests also share their heartbreak stories. Have a seat and enjoy this interesting episode as we host Moyin and Wunmi.

Pet Peeves

In this episode, we discuss about popular things done by people that are quite annoying. Are there ways people can improve? What are the annoying habits our hosts have.. Listen to find out.