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Online Dating

In this Christmas eve episode, we are joined with Esther to navigate the world of online dating.

What are the perks of online dating and how can you make it work?

Listen to find out if Timi and Seyi have engaged in online dating.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄

Gender Identity

In this controversial episode, we discuss various genders people identify as. Listen to find out if there is any difference between sex and gender and why anyone would decide to identify differently from what they are born as.

So that you know, we identify as the best podcast in the world!!😌

Love Languages

In this episode, we discuss various love languages. Our hosts are joined by Oreoluwa as they share their love languages and how they want to be loved.

Get some snacks and enjoy this Independence Day episode. For Spotify users, don't forget to share your love languages.